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Scoring For Peace

Music can be a powerful tool in furthering empathy. In my experience working with film directors on socially conscious films, I have seen how challenging it can be to speak about music. Unlike many other aspects of film making, music remains somewhat of an ongoing mystery.


Music, in its abstract nature, allows us to paint our dreams with sonic emotional brushstrokes. Music starts where language ends. Music bridges the gap between the external world and the world behind our eyes. It allows emotions to travel in and out of our being freely without borders. MORE HERE

Temp Love Is On The Rise!

Temp Love (TL) is a serious affliction that affects millions of people worldwide. It is commonly found amongst filmmakers and it is estimated that 5 million are affected in the United States alone. Recent statistics are suggesting the onset of a worlwide epidemic.


Temp love can strike at any moment, when you least expect it. It is a devastating disease that can leave you and your film sonically paralyzed if not caught in its early stages. MORE HERE

Business, Not Busyness!

One of the main differences I have noticed between well funded films and guerrilla warfare productions is organization. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but it seems to me that the lower the budget, the more room there is for chaos. 


The irony is that especially films with limited budgets need to be the most organized in order to maximize the limited resources. And the most valuable resource is people. And people like to feel seen and respected, especially when working for very little money.


So this blog entry is about wanting to share some ways in which you as a filmmaker can get the most out of  your relationship with your composer, even (or especially) when your music budget is smaller than your shoe size. Call it good housekeeping or etiquette. MORE HERE

The Myth Of Writer's Block

I have been procrastinating writing about this topic for a couple of weeks now. I really wanted this entry to be perfect. I wanted it to cover everything in a way that has never been done before. I wanted it to be the best article ever written about Writer’s Block. I put so much expectations on myself that I simply couldn’t write any of it.


And there you have it: ‘Writer’s Block’ … the big killer of expression. It’s that black cat that you don’t want crossing your creative path … ever!


So what exactly is Writer’s Block? Where does it come from? Is it temporary or chronic? Is it inevitable? And more than anything, is it real? MORE HERE

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