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Tales Of The Waria


Directed by Kathy Huang

Produced by Kathy Huang

Released by PBS Distribution

At a time when transgender communities around the world are largely ignored or misrepresented in the media, the 60-minute documentary video Tales of the Waria intimately explores how one such community confronts issues of love, family, and faith.

Traveling to Indonesia, the world’s most populated Muslim country, the film trains its lens on the warias, biological men who identify as women and are a surprisingly visible presence in a culture normally associated with strict gender divides.

Interweaving the stories of several warias who make extraordinary sacrifices for love, Tales of the Waria creates a moving and unexpected portrait of a community that dares to live differently from the norm, despite what consequences may await them.

The soundtrack for Tales of the Waria was awarded Best Documentary Score of 2012 by Soundtrack Geek.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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